The Amazing adventures of Jackdog, Pizza delivery dog

The Amazing adventures of Jackdog, Pizza delivery dog

The Amazing adventures of Jackdog, Pizza delivery dog is inspired by real life events! One fateful day I was dog sitting my daughter’s dog (Jackdog) while she was out of town. I decided to bake a pizza and let it cool while I ran errands.

I removed the pizza and placed it as far back on the counter as possible. I left to run my errands. When I returned I glanced at the counter in the kitchen. NO PIZZA! For a moment I thought maybe I left it in the oven. I looked in the oven and through entire kitchen with no luck. I could still smell it but it was nowhere to be found.

Jackdog is a medium size dog while mine are littles! There was only one dog who could have reached the counter. The culprit had been identified!

Later that week Jackdog snuck into the kitchen and ate an entire batch of cupcakes! Oh I could have been mad but who can be angry at the awesome Jackdog. At that moment the inspiration for the book hit me. Wouldn’t it be funny if Jackdog was a Pizza delivery dog who has trouble delivering the pizza!

As I wrote the story I wanted to let children know that everyone makes mistakes. When we make mistakes we can get scared and want to tell a lie! This book teaches that it’s always better to tell the truth. It’s better to tell the truth even if we are afraid!

Jackdog is truly an amazing dog. As a puppy he was abandoned with his littermates in a box beside a country road! The people that found the box of puppies worked hard to make sure each one had a good home. My daughter was blessed to receive the awesome Jackdog. My family has always had a passion for rescue dogs. I have one from the county pound, one from the SPCA and two strays. A portion from the sales of Jackdog books will be donated to help dogs in need.

Please join me for the adventures of Jackdog Pizza delivery dog and look for more adventures coming soon!

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